2006 Cadillacs with New Technology

Started by Rich Sullivan CLC #11473, September 30, 2005, 07:56:02 PM

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Rich Sullivan CLC #11473

There are several new technologies, though some are similar to past features (i.e. Guide-Matic Headlamp Control, etc.) described in the following article. Once again, there appears to be Cadillac leadership in luxury features! Can the "standard of the world" acclaim be far behind? Read about these neat features:

Cadillac Unleashes New Technology

DETROIT â€" This fall Cadillac delivers several innovative new technologies to consumers, as the brand continues its renaissance of new vehicles with dramatic designs and useful, intuitive new features. These new technologies range from important safety innovations to the pure enjoyment of enhanced in-vehicle entertainment and driving performance.
“Cadillac has a long heritage as a technology flagship for GM and the entire industry,” said Jim Taylor, Cadillac general manager. “Our philosophy is to continue to deliver purposeful technology in a way that adds safety and pleasure, not complexity, to the experience of driving a luxury vehicle.”

Safety: Smarter airbags and headlamps

The all-new Cadillac DTS full-size luxury sedan features a new technology taking air bags to a new level of precision, the industry’s first Dual Depth Air Bags. This GM co-patented technology enables an air bag to deploy in either of two sizes, depending upon the severity of the crash, seat belt usage and occupant seat position. When small air bag deployment is necessary, a tether is used to hold the air bag back to the smaller size, and gas is vented from the inflation canister. For large air bag deployment, the tether is released, the canister vent is shut off and the air bag is allowed to expand to its full size. The new DTS is in dealerships now.

Cadillac’s XLR roadster is a high-performance machine enabling drivers to carve up twisty roads, day or night. The 2006 XLR includes Adaptive Forward Lighting, a system allowing the headlamps to better illuminate the car’s path. This

advanced technology moves the lighting pattern in synch with vehicle steering, enhancing driver visibility in corners and on twisty road sections. The system allows an industry-best maximum of 15 degrees of movement.

The new DTS and the STS luxury sport sedan employ another form of “smart” headlamps, called IntelliBeam. This system automatically switches high-beam headlamps back to the normal low-beam setting when a vehicle’s headlamps or taillamps appear in front of the car. It also will switch the high-beams back on again automatically when the road is clear in front of the car. The system operates via a light-sensing metal oxide semiconductor, mounted onto a tiny camera that peers through the windshield searching for light sources in front of the car.

Entertainment: Stealth antennae, digital tunes

Most 2006 Cadillacs include the acclaimed XM Satellite Radio service (NASDAQ:XMSR) as standard equipment (not including subscription fees). The rapid expansion of satellite radio has made the plastic roof antennae a fixture on top of millions of vehicles on U.S. roads today. Cadillac is changing that with the industry-first “stealth” antennae for XM Radio on the XLR. The tiny antennae are cleverly concealed within the outside rear view mirrors, an industry-first. XLR includes a network of more than one dozen antennae throughout the car, all concealed under its striking exterior. These antennae power features such as the car’s AM/FM/XM radio, OnStar communication, GPS-powered navigation system, Keyless Access system for entry and exit, push-button start and tire pressure monitoring.

In the new STS and DTS sedans, Cadillac drivers can effortlessly add their digital music player to their vehicle’s entertainment system. The standard audio system of the DTS includes an audio input jack in the radio system expressly for digital music (mp3) players such as the Apple IPod. The all-new 2007 Escalade, in dealerships in early-2006, will also include an input for digital music players.

Convenience: The demise of the windshield ice scraper

Drivers of the all-new DTS have a reason to look forward to winter snow and ice. DTS includes a new heated windshield wash system. The system heats washer fluid to approximately 176 degrees in 40 seconds, then applies the hot fluid to the windshield in four shots over a span of 90 seconds. Working with the wipers, the system clears snow, ice and just about anything else, off the windshield â€" with the driver comfortably seated inside. Even in warmer weather the system is helpful, as the heated fluid more effectively clears debris such as bugs from the windshield.

Also, Ive noticed that the new DTS (DeVille successor) has both front and rear ultrasonic park-assist sensors--included as part of the two upper level option packages. Wow! (It would be nice if they bring back the fiber optic lamp monitoring system.)

Porter 21919


Didnt you buy a CTS-V or some other late model Cadillac recently ?

Back in my heyday I had a new 90 & 93 ETC, great cars, especially when all the repairs are under warranty.

Im a Cadillac guy and big fan but all this high tech stuff is getting out of control, a new car is becoming like a computer.

Then again our computers have become much more reliable these days.

Of course they have to keep up with the Jones, my 66 & 67 CDVs are almost primitive in comparision, even with their state of the art climate control systems ! LOL


Rich Sullivan CLC #11473

My favorites are still the older Cadillacs--they are so much more appealing. They have an indescribable charisma every time I drive my 71 Eldorado Convertible. My everyday car is an 03 CTS--and it is much more simple than anything in this article--and its build quality has been great. Maybe Cadillac thinks all these high tech gizmos are needed to reclaim the "standard of the world" title, but styling (in the classic Cadillac tradition) would do it best! There is so much more character in your 66 & 67 Coupe deVilles than in any of the Cadillacs since the 90s!

Bruce Reynolds # 18992


With all those modern fantastic electronic gismos in the roof area, it will play merry hell with the guy wanting to do a simple top-chop and still have everything functioning correctly.

Plus, it is easy to see why they dont make the model in a Convertible.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

Porter 21919


Somebody posted here last year that bought one of the first CTS-Vs, hot car, rave reviews, even the auto pundits have fallen in line, the last issue seems to be the Cadillac interiors which are being addressed. No surprise here, like GM cant build a luxury sports car to bash a BMW with.  

At some point price, performance, value and maintainence has to come into question. BMW & Mercedes are way behind the curve. Mike Jones the "X" decade long factory trained Cadillac mechanic (from the dark days of HT engine infamy)  said the boys at the dealer do only routine maintainence on the CTS cars, nothing major, Cadillac is slowly rebuilding their customer base.

Cadillac should leave them in the dust, Lexus is the benchmark. At long last we have RWD and a stout pushrod V-8, so what if it is a Corvette engine, is that a problem, the finest V8 in the world ? I dont see too many Corvette bashers around these days, an incredible value, that was always GMs forte, value.

I ask people all the time how they like their new Cadillac, recently a CTS V-6 owner told me very pleased, plenty of power for a V-6.

The styling is what it is, unique and distinctly Cadillac. That was when GM and Roger B. Smith flushed the Cadillac division down the toilet,same car as the other GM brands, the comeback has been a long tough road.

If the superior GM SUVs sell like hotcakes upgraded and rebadged by Cadillac fine by me, they are still probably better than the Jap crap or the stuff from the black forest.

The SUVs are a fad, even Porsche & VW jumped on the bandwagon, LOL