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!992 STS starting problem

Started by Alan #21992, November 15, 2005, 06:39:22 PM

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Alan #21992

  Recently purchased STS for my son..has problem starting due to over abundance of fuel...sometimes it will start with throttle held open and boost..Any help appreciated.

Michael Stamps 19507

While not a Cadillac I ran into that with my old 87 Saab 900 Turbo.    Ended up that it was a burnt valve.


Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

Youre most likely going to have to have a computer-aided fuel-injection alaysis done to find out whats causing your hard starting problem. Any time you have to press the accelerator on a FI engine to get it to start, theres a problem with it.

Mike #19861

Overfueling on start is usually caused by an open coolant temperature sensor circuit. You will need to enter into diagnostics to monitor the circuit, and check for fault codes.

 This procedure is outlined in the shop manual, where code description and diagnosis can be found.