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Exhaust Manifold restoration

Started by baxter culver #17184, January 18, 2006, 04:48:48 PM

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baxter culver #17184

I want to restore (porcelainize) the exhaust manifold on my 39.  The one recommendation (Parkys in S. El Monte, CA) appears to have disappeared.  Are there other recommendations among CLC Members?

John Washburn


There was also a firm in Oakland that specialized in porcelain manifolds, but not sure if they are still in business either.

Anyway, did both my 37 LaSalle and my 38 65 Series Divider window 5 passenger and they are great. Oh, the name of the firm is Prairie Auto Porcelain, Phone: 507+334-9309. They are in MN. I have sent other folks there and all have been happy with the results.

John Washburn
CLC #1067

Remember the Turlock Swap meet is on the 28th and 29th. That one part may be there waiting for you, so dont sweat the cold or rain.

Rhino 21150

Dave Treuhaft CL22554

I just had my 46 Cadi manifolds done at Independence Porcelain, Enamel in Independence Mo. they cost $250 plus shipping Im very satified with the quality, there pho# 816-252-8180. Hope this info may help you.  Dave

wayne 17057

I just had Prairie Auto do a 31 Caddie and a 30 LaSalles exhaust. Looks wonderfull! It cost about $350 plus shipping. Havnt used them alot as yet to see how they hold up. Im told to keep the engine tuned properly and warm it up slowly to keep the porcelin from cracking.


The Street Rod people make extensive use of ceramic-coated exhaust manifolds.  A possible source is Cermakrome in Fresno. (877) 647-2628

myren kohlhorst 17794

I also had Prairie auto porcelin do my 39-6119 manifolds. Its been 3 years now, 3 woodward cruses and they look perfict. But you know its like chrome. What ever the base metal is is what you get back. I removed the old and polished for 2 weeks till they were as smooth as a babys butt and then sent them in. Cost was just shy of 250.

Michel Mathieu CLC #20339

HI. I also had Prairie Auto Porcelain do my 41-6319 manifolds. I have been happy with the results. Very nice and show quality. Thanks Michel CLC20339

Jeff Maltby 4194

John. I attended the Turlock swap meet.


try my 390 manifolds look great but I havent tested them out for 225.00 in a grey cast finish