value of a 1964 deville convertible - help

Started by jack Miller, February 13, 2006, 08:54:34 PM

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jack Miller


Can I get a true value from someone here that knows caddys?
I am looking at a Blue 1964 Deville convertible. Clean, some rust in floors (not thru) straight body (might need paint if it wont compound out) runs good, new top, clean seats, bad carpets, all electrics work and chrome is good (no pits and not perfect).
Under cariage will need to be blasted and painted and a possible new gas tank needed.
No A/C


Porter 21919


The value is subjective, how much are you willing to pay ?

You can always raise your offer, I have no idea what HE expects to get or what his bottom line.

Dont be afraid to insult him, based on your assessment it is a good car to restore but needs work, I would offer him $ 7,500 and go from there, others here will beg to differ with me perhaps.

What is a # 2 car worth, $ 15 or 20 K ?

Youll spend $ 7.5K on all the work you mentioned, including new paint easy. If you have floor rust expect to find lower qtr. panel rust, etc. IMO.

Good luck,


Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday Jack,

I suppose it all depends on just how bad you want that particular car, and how many others also want it.

And, how much the seller wants to get rid of it.

I find that when I want to buy a car, well, anything, nobody wants to sell, but when I want to sell, nobody wants to buy.

The Tassie Devil(le),
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