1936 Cadillac Convertible Coupe

Started by Doug Ronaldson #912, February 13, 2006, 05:04:40 PM

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Doug Ronaldson #912

Ive been a member for many years but have just been made aware of this message center. My 1936 convertible does not have a rumble seat and no evidence that it ever had one (hinges on top etc.) An expert told me that in those years a special request would be honored. My car is not on the road yet. It is complete except for an inside trim piece along the top of the right hand door. Chances are it is the same piece as used on a Buick but I
have had no luck yet. I am very impressed with this site. I would like to hear from any 36 owners.  

Jim Hughes cLc# 17388

Hello Mr Ronaldson. Glad to hear that you have found the message board. It is not only a great resource but also a interesting community meeting place. You were kind enough to contact me a few years ago with information about The Cadillac Motor Car Company of Springfield, MA. Our 1936 LaSalle was sold there in November of 1935. Again, thank you very much of your helpful information.
As for the trunk lid on your 1936 model 60, it is the same piece as the rumble seat lid, just rotated 180 degrees with hinges and latch positions reversed. LaSalle an Buick shared the same body shell from the windshield posts back so the trunk/rumble seat lids should be the same also. The LaSalle and the Model 60 did share some sheet metal parts as well. The 2 top hood pieces are the same part number for both the LaSalle and the Model 60 as are the running boards. The trunks may be the same too. Hope this helps. I will try to drive the LaSalle down to your Summer residence this year if you would like a visit.
                                               Best regards,
                                               Jim Hughes