Old CLC directory 4 sale on Ebay

Started by Lou 19028, February 06, 2006, 07:31:56 PM

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Doug Houston

That article was quite a project. Dave Holls and Warren Fitzgerald furnished a lot of input for it. Warren was a PR guy for styling, and if youy think you ever saw a walking library, you should have known Warren. He died not long after the annual came out Now, Dave is gone, and theres a big void in what we know.

Its interesting to look back as the cars I had back then. When I bouight the 41 coupe I still have, I had to dispose of four cars. I had a 47-62 sedan that was beautiful, a 42-6723 that needed paint and detailing, a 40 Olds 98 sedan, and a 48-60S that was a dream to drive. Space was the problem. Somewhere, there was a cute 36 Chevy coupe that I weanted to  restore, but had to sell for space.

But Barry forgot the 69 Harley FLH, and the 70 and 56 convertibles (He never saw those things). Theyll stay with my estate.

Porter 21919


I can understand your affection for the prewar cars, beautiful styling and superior quality.

Funny, back in college a room mate stated they would bring back the old VW styling with pontoon fenders and running boards someday, guess he was right with the Dodge retro PT cruiser and the VW "bug".

The Chevy HHR looks like a quality ride IMO, if you want a vehicle like that.

I would settle for a Cadillac with "real" fins myself, or a 50s / 40s model, stuck with my 66/67 CDVs for now.

Owning any old car is a major league project, choose wisely.


Yann Saunders, 12588

I miss the annuals. I believe I do have them all, since that first number in 1973.  I even had the honor of having an article of mine appear in the 1990 edition (the one on the "Swiss" 1937 Cadillac V16 roadster with body by Willy Hartmann).  I remember how the editor asked me at the time to "sweeten it up a bit", to avoid hurting anyones feelings [yeah, I do have a tendency to tell it like it is - the unexpurgated version may be viewed here: http://www.car-nection.com/yann/dbas_txt/16hrtm.htm] TARGET=_blank>www.car-nection.com/yann/dbas_txt/16hrtm.htm]

Jeff Hansen, #4225


I was digging through a box of old Self-Starters in the basement this afternoon and happened to notice some things in the bottom of the box I hadnt noticed before -- old CLC directories.  A whole lot of them from the mid-70s back.  The earliest one I have is from 1961.  It has the beginnings of the body style code numbers in the listings.  Youre memory is excellent.


Terry Wenger #1800

Rusty Shepherd wants to know the value of old directories. I use them to establish the histories on the late V-16s, for example, who owned Doug Houstons 38-9039 before he did, it is in the 62 CLC Directory. Just recently through ads in early fifties Motor Trends and a 63 Self-Starter article we have put together most of the history of Brad Ipsens 39-9033.

Jeff Maltby 4194

Well spoken Terry.

How can the CLC carry on into the future, without the knowledge base from our past ?

X pie :<)

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

I agree.

I dont throw out any of my magazines, directories or the like.

Mine go back to 1962, when I started buying magazines.

I now have a very large "reference library" that others might call, "a pile of old magazines" but at least they are all bundled in date and heading order.

My collection of "Car life" has some interesting "Road Tests" on new American cars from 1963 to 1968

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV