Old CLC directory 4 sale on Ebay

Started by Lou 19028, February 06, 2006, 07:31:56 PM

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Doug Houston

The directory began in the early sixties. I can find out, because I have all of them from,I believe, the first one. One year, Bill Tite and I typed the directory. In that one, we began to use the body style codes for members cars. That had to be around 1962. It was published along with the SS by the SS editor (Agnes Uhlir, at the time).

Barry M. Wheeler #2189

My first one was 1964 and had yellow pages.

Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

Why would anyone want (much less pay for) a 1970-1971 CLC directory?

Jeff Maltby #4194

I paid $250 for 22lbs of 1970-84 Self Starter mags several years ago. Superb reading and loaded with tech tips for my 49.

Worth every penny to me.


Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

Old Self-Starters are definitely worth having/buying.  I have every one since I joined in 1986 and enjoy re-reading them on a regular basis; but a 35 year old directory is something else entirely.  Many of the people listed would be deceased, many would no longer be members, many current members would not be listed and virtually none of the addresses, area codes and phone numbers would be valid and of course, no email addresses would be listed.

Eric Maypother CLC #15104

I think thier are a number of reasons people would want 1, some may want them just to add to thier collection, some may like the cover art, some may want to see who was a member back them, what cars members had, etc, etc, I sell tons of paper goods on eBay, like old magazines, catalogs, ads for various products, people ask me why would I sell something like that, my answer is "because people buy them"

I would be interested in it myself but I already spent my Cadillac memorabila money for the month, I got some Escalade sweatshirts, a Johhy Lightning 1973 Eldo from the 2000 Kentucky derby, a pink 1959 Caddy with teddy bears in it just like 1 Ive been eying at the mall for years in a card store.
Eric :)

Jeff Maltby #4194

I graduated from high school in 1970 and bought my first car, a oem black 1950 coupe with 3 flat tires-rotted muffler and a slipping Hyrda-Matic, found in the JC parking lot in 1971 for $250. Have the oem B&W picture hanging on my fridge today=priceless=.

So now that you made me place a bid=why ?

Was hoping to see if Barry W. still had dark hair back then and it Doug. H had written his first 6V vrs 8v starting article yet ?


Porter 21919

Captain Maltby,

Dont you have enough Cadillac stuff already ?

You must spend half your time selling Cadillac stuff you dont want on eBay ! LOL


Jeff Maltby #4194

Captain Porter. When did you purchase your first Cadillac ?

I cant hear you ?

Odd ~:<)

Porter 21919

A 66 CDV in 1988, it was my daily driver for two years, been off the road since then undergoing an extensive restoration, just like your 49 Fastback, Si ?

Captain Porter of http://www.modifiedcadillac.org/ TARGET=_blank>http://www.modifiedcadillac.org/ fame , many pictures of my handy work over there.

Barry M. Wheeler #2189

I cant remember when my hair went? I think it was salt and pepper back then. That was the year we moved into our present address. (1970.)
Doug has expounded on the corrrectness of the 6v application for 1941s ever since Ive known him. So if you want to make the conversion, just dont let him know about it. It sure was nice to lean over a week ago Wed though, to start Jack Millers pickup with a mere press of the starter button. 12v and the only thing you can tell is the stepped generator. (I wasnt even behind the wheel...just hit the button to check the HydraMatic fluid.)

Jeff Maltby #4194

Just received the 1970-1971 Clc book in Mint condition.

A keeper for old times sake. :<)

Doug Houston

Im trying to remember what year the first annual SS was published. It had to be in the mid-seventies. Mine is put away where I cant lose it, and now, I cant FIND it. Antiquity does that to us.

Jeff Maltby #4194

C.D.Houston Jr only owned a few cars back in 1970-71 aka Detroit, Mich CLC era.

1. 1938 6127 Op.Coupe
2. 1938 6019s 5-p. sedan
3. 1938 9039 twn. sedan
4. 1939 9057b 5-p.cpe
5. 1941 6019sf 5-p. sdn
6. 1941 6267d conv. cpe

Thanks Doug

Jeff :<)

Barry Wheeler #2189

Jeff, you forgot the 1941 Chevie convertible and the 1941 Olds 98 convertible sedan...

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday Jeff,

Probably still has them.   Or knows where they are.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

Jeff Maltby 4194

Barry you owned back then:

1941 6719 Limo.

1941 6733 Imp.

Jeff Maltby 4194

Gday Bruce. I owned a 1950 oem black coupe back in 1971 at age 19=my first car ever. What class/taste I had @ such a young age.

My father raised me right in the 50s, having owned 3 new Cadillacs back then. :<) si

Tom Hall 7485

It was in 1973.  It had an article in it titled "Sixty Special: The First Four Years" by C. D. Houston.  The centerfold was a 1930 V-16 roadster owned by Jack Tallman.