An informal Poll concerning Club Membership

Started by Randall A. McGrew CLC # 17963, February 18, 2006, 07:40:46 PM

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Randall A. McGrew CLC # 17963

If you were to have to limit your use and membership to one autoclub, which one would you choose and why?

Let us see what people respond to, and please, indicate which clubs you currently belong to.

Me :   AACA, CCCA, CLC, MCLC, Cadillac Kings, SCCA

My Choice :  The CLC.  Because that is the marque I prefer and am most interested in.
I want to be able to discuss my car, and learn about other years of Cadillac from member/owner experience, and less about their personal voting preferences, religious convictions or what have you.  Granted this is from personal experience over 5 years and may not match your own.  Thus the poll.  Carry on!  :)

Michael Stamps 19507

I would stay a proud member of 1250 as it isnt a club.  It is a family.


Dave MacGregor #18998

At present, Im sort of in a dilema right now because of changing jobs whereby I have to tighten my budget for a while so Ive already thought this one out.

Its as follows ...

CLC FIRST because of the marquee and the availability of knowledge from fellow owners, etc.

VFRCLC SECOND which is because its the local club.  I can still participate in their functions as a national member, but would like to and will finally be sending in my check before the end of the month.

AACA THIRD because it exposes me to others in the hobby.  Its nice to see what they have and to go to some shows, etc. with all makes allowed.

AACA local club FOURTH because theyre a great bunch of fun loving people to be around with.  Well EVERYONE in all the clubs Ive listed are just as much fun, but I have to say this because my neighbor and two good friends down the road are in this club.  ;-)

Thats it for me!