Classic car commercials

Started by Porter 21919, February 28, 2006, 09:50:55 PM

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Porter 21919

Fred Garfield 22310

Great link, Porter. Thanks!

I still remember Jack Jones in tux, strolling around a Chrysler New Yorker, singing its praises -- "elegance and grace, style that sets the pace..."

And of course, Ricardo ("I know my needs") Montalban, also in tux, urging us to "run our hands over the fine Corinthian leather" of the all-new Chrysler Cordoba.

And was it BMW or Porsche that had that killer spot with the heart-beat sound in the background getting faster and louder as the sounds of shifting racing gears crescendoed? As the the car receded into the distance, the words, "you get the idea" appeared on-screen.

Rhino 21150

My favorite car commercial of all time was for the VW bus. The shot was of the front of a gray bus. "This is the 1967 Volkswagen Microbus". MASSIVE EXPLOSION! The dust clears to reveal a red bus. "This is the 1968 Volkswagen Microbus. You cant see most of the improvements we made this year. Visit you Volkswagen dealer to see them in person".

Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

And, of course, the late, wonderful Dinah Shore:
"See the USA in your Chevrolet..America is asking you to call".

Denise McCracken

   Im still looking for the one with the "six positions of tilt wheel"...anyone remember those?

   #4 was "country gentleman", #6 (the top) was "18 wheel trucker", and I think #1 was something like "low rider".


Dave MacGregor #189981

I still remember the Chevy commercials from the mid to late 70s.

"They go together.
In the good ole USA!
Baseball and Hot Dogs
Apple Pie and Chevrolet!"

Also many of the print ads began to have their cars and trucks wearing a "USA-1 Chevrolet" tag on the front.  Think that lasted through the 80s right on through the "Heartbeat of America" ads too.

Hardly remember any Cadillac ads on TV while growing up.  I vaguely remember one with the words and a jingle for "Cadillac Style," but I really dont remember when that was.