need address for tonights meeting for Raritan River Club

Started by Joe Meneghin 22407, March 16, 2006, 09:49:37 AM

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Joe Meneghin 22407

I lost the directions and address for Phillips lighting in NJ.  Can someone please e-mail me the address for tonights meeting.  

Thanks in advance.

Tim Coy #11513

The Raritan River Regions listing on page 12 of the March 2006 issue of The Self-Starter shows that Philips Lighting Co. is at 200 Franklin Square Drive, Somerset, N.J.

Pat Caruso CLC #17825

The clubs website has a map and directions to the Philips Lighting facility in Somerset, NJ. SEE YOU AT 7:30 !! TARGET=_blank>

Pat Caruso
Webmaster - Raritan River Region

Joe Meneghin 22407

Ill be there with bells on.  Thanks for the info, I must have missed it on the clubs website.