Left tail light 53 Caddy

Started by Gerald Macpherson, February 28, 2006, 07:58:40 AM

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Gerald Macpherson

Gentlemen !  recently I took the left tail light apart and had some pieces rechromed.  I must have lost a part for the upper half catch.  What I have is the long screw, spring and reflector.  Thats OK.  On the back of the reflector (push button) there is a little tit, and I have a spring left over (small spring with one end smaller than the other).   So with what I have, there seems to be no way for it to latch when closed.  Usually the light houseing will click when closed, so I suppose I have lost a part as there seems to be no way to secure the top part.   Would any good member have a diagram they could email me or fax me ?   Thanking you all much, Gerald MacPherson clc 18574

Jeff Maltby 4194

Someone will be along soon Mac.


Jeff Maltby 4194

On flip up gas latch assembly installation confusion.

Thanks in advance

Paul W Allen CLC#20193

I would like to help out, but my car is 60 miles away, all apart, being preped for paint.

53 Coupe
Twin Turbine

Jeff maltby 4194