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Started by Ed Farish clc # 4095, March 01, 2006, 06:55:02 PM

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Ed Farish clc # 4095

Im interested in your experiences with engine overhaul kits.
I know of two companies that regularly advertise them. My concern is the quality of the components included .
I have heard that most of this merchandise is made in China these days.
Any comments?
By the way Im overhauling a late 49 engine.
Ed Farish clc#4095

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday Ed,

I have been building engines for years, and never once have purchased a "Kit" as such.

But, I suppose I have never had the chance as living here in Tasmania, and Australia for that matter, the cost of getting kits from USA can be a bit expensive.

But, I have purchased a lot of parts from suppliers in USA like PAW, and found that everything I have purchased has been top quality.

Regarding the "China Syndrome", the suppliers of engine parts and the like have been using Chinese and Taiwanese parts for a really long time, and I havent had any problems with those parts.   If they were making faulty parts, then they wouldnt be being imported for very long, and the Chinese Government would really clamp down on them if they were found to be giving theie Country a bad name.

I have recently become aware that a recent supply of lifters coming from China came loose in a plastic bag, so the chance of scratching and damage could be possible from rough handing.

But, the biggest thing when building a motor, or anything for that matter, is to have constant "hands on" from the start of pulling down, inspecting, machining, and assembly wherever possible.   Ensuring that the tolerances are correct is vital to longevity.

And, with a kit, you get everything at the same time, and having a reliable machinist that can tell you what sizes of under or oversize, makes his job a lot easier as well.   A good machinist is your best friend, and if there is a problem down the track, he can supply a report in case there is a warranty claim on the "parts" if they went faulty.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

Ed Farish

Thanks Bruce, your suggestions are valid and appreciated.

denise 20352

  I was going to go with a kit from Summit to do my Mopar 440, but I couldnt get all of the parts that I needed in one kit.  The biggest problem was that none of them had pistons that I wanted.  The parts that were in the kit, I ended up paying less for individually, including forged 10:1 pistons!  I also know exactly what parts Im getting, and who makes them.  I would say, forget the kit.  Take an extra hour or two and order exactly what you want.

  And while youve got the engine out anyway, why not go with a little more cam, maybe some headers, hi-rise intake...naughty, naughty, Denise, stop that...


Rhino 21150

And dont forget that cop car alternator to charge the dual battery starting system.