Corbin hose clamps

Started by Greg McDonnell CLC# 20841, March 08, 2006, 10:54:43 AM

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Greg McDonnell CLC# 20841

Looking for a source for the correct hose clamps for my 66 Eldorado.  Any suggestions. Im attempting to get my first Junior at an AACA meet being held in Mobile, AL March 16-18.  The judges will most definitely take off points for the C clamps that are on some of the hoses.


Greg McDonnell

Bill Edmunds - $5484

Try Ken Johnson in Carmel, Indiana.  He advertises in Hemmings.  I just bought clamps for my 1960 from him.

Fred Garfield 22310

One other thing is to make sure the original type finish is on the Corbins. If you have access to an original one, that would help you determine how it should look.