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Robert p Millian
« on: March 14, 2006, 06:32:53 PM »
Bob, Just happened across your message and thought i would reply. My wife and I were so thankful that you picked us up from the hotel and took us to see your old car. From the time i first talked with You, Fred and Carl I felt sure about the Car and its history. I surely wouldnt have flown out from California if i hadnt. You should be very proud of your reputation and of all of the knowledge you have accumulated over the years. I dont feel to bad for you regarding my 1960 Eldorado since you have that beautiful white 1960 Eldo sitting in front of you. You should also know that if ever in Southern California that you are welcome to visit your Red car any time you please. Melanie and I also loved the Boogie Woogie sounds that you were able to bang out on your piano. You are multi-talented!
Just to let you know, there are plenty of people out there such as myself that rarely post messages but do appreciate the knowledge people like yourself and Yann Saunders have shared on these boards. Keep up the Great work!
Just a note to Dale to keep his head up! Things do have a way of turning around.

Thanks, Randolph Hane (1958 eldo brtz and 1960 eldo brtz}

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Re: Robert p Millian
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2006, 10:29:15 PM »

 Thanks for all help over last three years. Your the expert On those 59 or 60 eldo convertible. I know you fell In love with 1960 cadillac when first bought your white eldo In 1964.

 I never knew you play an piano etc. Maybe someday I could Come from south texas and meet you and see your famous white and red eldo convertible In person. You can even play me tune on your paino.

 I always thought it amazing etc you got into the 1960 cadillacs before they hot items etc like today. You had an eye for the one best cars ever produced by gm .

 Those cars were An modern marvel back In its day etc. You saw before the rest world saw it. You still loved them after the world never wanted anymore back In 1970 or 1980 something.

 I always thought that amazing you buying an fleet of  them keeping them in wharehouses etc for years. They must have been super cheap back In 1973 or 1975 when had oil embargo. You bought them and kept them for years etc where peaple etc and enjoy them becides being sold for scrap back in old days.

 Thanks Bob for the last three years etc.



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