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60 Convertible for Dale

Started by Bruce Reynolds # 18992, March 19, 2006, 10:18:23 PM

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dale jackson 20895


 I like that car for parts etc. It would cost small fortune etc move to south texas and it dig from snow invested place. I would love to have parts from it .

 Its seems some car are more trouble than its worth etc. I been going that tearing up my fleetwood and trying tag and save parts from it I need etc.

 It seems an lots screws and bolts etc I have grind off with my moto drill etc just to strip it to nothing. I was working On striping the rear door shells to an bare shell.

 Granted I have lot spare parts etc to those cars. I got piles Of parts I moved to my other building. I call It my ebay parts building etc. Its hard to say If they will bring any money On ebay. I dont know if the 4 door guys buy stuff such window regultors, door guts, trim from roof On car etc. I hate trash them But maybe person needs them On his 4 door etc.

 I may try do parts lots etc to get rid Of them. Piles Of parts from dead cadillacs I dont need or any person who wants to fix my eldo will ever use. Maybe I dump that intire building full parts etc.

 Taking apart old cars Is hard and takes up lots space. I would love an two door coupe or convertible parts car to strip it.

 Reason I say sometimes It more trouble than worth etc. Some parts are very  hard remove and may never sale such rear axles, front axles, or 4 door onley stuff that cant be used On an coupe Or convertible. Who restores an 4 door and Who would want to. An much trouble it is I would rather restore an convertible or coupe Over an old 4 door.

 Bruce your Right I feel at times I burried alive In snow Or dirt etc and Cant get It done sometimes Like the guy trying sale his 1960 cadillac parts burried In snow that cant be moved etc.

 I guess I not onley person In world burried In an 1960 cadillac or old car. Some peaple are worse than Than my car etc .

 Man that snow car . I its make wondor Why  did they park there in 1970 something and forgot they had it etc. An least my car is above ground In storage building.  I seen photos etc On ebay where trees etc was growing thru the car etc. To move car you have cut down an tree. Those old cars can end up In strange places.


Joe Meneghin 22407

Looks like my car to a t.   The auction is unclear, are you getting a complete car or the $3k is for the convertible parts only.   My two cars combined ran me $1200 (59 coupe with complete drivetrain for $700) and basket case 60 convertible for $500.

Just an FYI for you all, which most of you are probably aware of but its worth mentioning.  If you have a significantly rusted floor on a car like this,  the patch panels that are available from classic fabrication, will not create an entirely new floor, the repair panels will require you have something resembling a floor to begin with.  And if this thing has been outside for 30 years in upstate NY with that top open, you can bet the ranch that floor is gone, like nothing left.

Dale just an fyi for you.  Ritchie at TARGET=_blank> does not return phone calls immediately.  Leave a message and he will call you within a few days.  You never get a live person on the phone.

dale jackson 20895


 Your right On patch panels from classic fab . You cant buy the trans tunnel, under floors body braces , or rear Underseat panels. You have destroy an car for those parts Unless they same as chevy Implala. I never checked chevy yet.

  Its hard say how much I have invested In my car . I paid 11500 for the mans intire collection that filled 3 wharehouses in 2003. Still 3 years later I been selling Off his collection Of parts. 62 eldo 4000 back, 3000 to 4000 worth parts ? sold On ebay In last three years.  I still Have an secord building full Of ebay parts . 1959 thru 1964.

  I still Have all my extra eldo trim parts etc . If drivers J and fender skirts and two skiny trim part for front fender. I would have complete secord set For my car . I even have lots extra convertible top parts etc. I never sold. I never wanted sale my eldo trim or any parts etc my car could use etc.

 3 years each  time I sold an part I bought an part I needed etc. I sometimes wish I could sale Off extra parts In my ebay building etc. It so hard try list 150 or 200 auctions all at same time. I still Dont know what he thinking about buying 20 items Of same over etc to restore his 60 car.

 Since I traded my 76 fleetwwood. I filled up my building with 1960 fleetwwod parts etc. I need run or go tru my parts etc and build up sets or muiltiple items auction etc to try move out more parts again. I sold 800 worth In march.

 Its hard deal with shipping On items using post office ups etc and geting boxes etc. I am always running out boxes and trying figure out weights and find out shiping prices etc.

 I know last Monlth . I got sick Having some parts etc. I just bulked all 61 and 62 cadillac for 275 becides trying sell it part by part On ebay. I made man package deal and he bought 75 pounds worth Of parts.  It cost maybe 125 ups to ship to them. I was happy In the end since I got rid pile parts I dont need or will ever use. He paid for shipping etc.

 I may try do large lot etc becides trying sale One two parts etc to move them. I guess I could do same again all other parts Intill clean up my ebay building.

 My goal Is sell Off 1959 thru 1964 parts that My eldo Cant use. I will keep all my eldo trim and convertible parts etc Intill later.