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Body roll
« on: March 21, 2006, 10:29:12 AM »

   Yesterday, because the engine is still out of the Chrysler, and the truck and hearse need a few things attended to, I decided to drive the 2004 "box".  That was a bad idea.

   As I made the last turn onto my street, I took the corner a little faster than I should have, maybe 20 mph instead of the  12 mph that they taught me in driving school so many years ago, or the 15-16 or so that most people really do, and my middle back twisted and snapped.  After I got inside and sat down, the pain started.

   So I started thinking about the physics.  There is a problem with cars that have no body roll.  When a car rolls around the outside of a turn, it applies a bending pressure to your spine, which it can take.  When it turns flat, because you have dump truck springs on the car, your spine is torqued, which it cannot take.

   Not convinced?  Maybe a little experiment would help.  If youre over 35, or stiff in the back, please dont try this.   In a swivel office chair, try turning the chair to the left, leaning against the back of the chair just a little, as you would sit in a car.  Push with your ankles.  You can feel your back twist in the middle.  Now lean to the left and do the same thing.  No twist...your hips push to the right a little and your back leans, but it doesnt twist.  By leaning to the left, you have simulated the seat of the car leaning to the right, as if the body were rolling.

   Yeah, I know, I didnt need another reason to hate new cars, but pain always works.  Couldnt they make just ONE car that mature people could drive?  Something that doesnt toss you around like a rag doll?



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