Daily Driver- 64 Eldo?

Started by Rod Olson #15736, March 22, 2006, 10:20:12 AM

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Rod Olson #15736

Hi. Larry.
I have to agree with the respondent that said drive a rice rocket
like a Toyota, or Honda for a daily driver not a beautiful,
 semi-exclusive and rare car.
I dont want to discourage anyone from driving their old cars but I wouldnt consider daily driving our 38 LaSalle for a minute.
To start..
With 1870 Eldos made in 1964  I sure wouldnt want to have to chase down trim parts because some idiot doesnt know how to park.
Im sure they would be expensive.

Most old cars attract attention wherever they go.
When I am running to the store,bank or other errands I dont want to have baby sit the car so some a-hole doesnt decide to key the paint or worse yet break into it.
Some people believe if you can afford an old car as a toy
you must have money.
Jealousy is an ugly emotion.
Thats why I drive a clean 1966 Beetle for my driver.
24 miles per gallon on just about any type of fuel.
Parts are cheap so a bump here or there is easy to fix.
Best of all, a lot of the women Ive met think they are cute and want to swap Bug stories.

 My 67 DeVille convertible got 12-13 miles per gallon and even less in the city. The 429 is a gas hog.
Plus for investment reaons, why pile up the miles?
So unless my ego needed a big boost I reserve my special time with my collector car for warm sunny days and trips to places  where like-minded people congregate.
Like Cadillac-LaSalle Club events!


denise 20352

> I have to agree with the respondent that said drive a rice rocket like a Toyota, or Honda for a daily driver not a beautiful, semi-exclusive and rare car.

   Life is too short to fold yourself up into something that is tiny, noisy and uncomfortable to sit in.  Youre just going to get angry, and your driving will suffer.  If youre worried about the car getting damaged, buy an old beater Delta 88 or an Impala.


Randall A. McGrew CLC# 17963

Actually, depending on your physical needs, either is a good idea.
I was thinking, if my truck dies or whatever, I want to look for a 1960-1965 Corvair or a 1960-1968 VW bug, a bus, or a 1960-1965 Chevy Nova.  Something fun and cost effective.  I drive safely and defensively so that isnt an issue. I may do that anyway.

However, if you want a special car to drive as a daily driver, then get one that is in #2 shape and is drivable with relatively little necessary.  It may be worn but it will be special and fun. That is what my 56 is.  In the end, do as you wish and accept the consequences as they come.  What more can you ask for?

denise 20352

   We should all drive what brings us pleasure.  Life is too short not to.

   What is perfect for me is a 76 New Yorker, 2-dr. sunroof.  When I finish the engine, Ill have about $5k in it, including the purchase price, and some extras that Im adding.  Its fun to drive, very comfortable, clean, but not so nice that Im going to freak out if someone hits it with a door.  Nearly all of the mechanical parts are new, so Ill be driving instead of working on it all of the time.  It has a reasonably soft ride, its easy to steer, and with the Commando engine, it will have some "get up and go".

   Not that I wouldnt mind having a 70s Fleetwood Brougham, an Eldo or Toro, a 72 4-dr. New Yorker, and one of those enormous Town Car barges, but Ive had to choose one to drive every day, and the New Yorker was it.  I also get a lot of pleasure from driving my 76 hearse, which Im doing every day now, but it is kind of hard to park.

   When I said that a 64 Eldo would make a good daily driver, I didnt mean one that was in show condition, but if I had $5-10k invested in one, I would be happy to drive it every day.


Ed Dougher

Sounds like there was something wrong with your 67.  My mileage isnt nearly that bad.

Ed Dougher

Why would one want to consume a #2 condition car.  Did you mean #4?  A #2 is like a brand-new car, or very, very close to it.

Peter H. Luft #19778

  Drive your 64 Eldorado.........I have several One a show car and two next to the show car condition and one a very nice original 64 Eldos..................I drive them all as daily drivers as well as some other cars I have................I enjoy them very much, plenty of power , plenty of working options, great transmission, pretty cars 64 Eldorados.........The Hot Rod of the Cadillacs..................Have the look of an older classic style but the modern stuff we all like, gas mileage isnt the greatest but we only live once...............see you in L.A. for the Nationals, "The 64 Eldo Guy", peter