SELF STARTER Issue Needed. 1960s

Started by Ron Browne #22794, March 25, 2006, 05:34:00 PM

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Ron Browne #22794

I dont know the exact date of the magazine, but Yann said in his description of the car on the website that it was written in the 1960s. It was a Self Starter with an article about Duke Shaffer (the band leader) who owned a 1938 Cadillac 9033F that was original that he showed quite extensively and then sold to Roy Schneider in 1969. Any help or just a copy of the article would be a blessing. I will pay for the magazine if someone has one and wants to sell it. Probably from 1963-1967 area. I am also looking for one of Roys books Sixteen Cylinder.

Thanks Ron Browne, Tulsa OK  

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Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

Ron,  I dont recall that there ever was an "article" about the car, per se.  It was no more than a few lines of narrative text with a couple of photos of the quality you might expect in the early Xeroxed Self Starter.

Whatever substantive information there was about Ms. Wests car was included in my summary in the Database. I do make an effort to not withhold any useful facts or information about specific cars.  If its not in the Database, then I didnt consider it important enough for inclusion. Heres what I said about it:

(1939)  [Mae Wests car] Was featured in an older Self Starter magazine (in the 60s); it was owned at that time by J. Paul "Duke" Schaffer, the band leader.  This one was purchased originally by actress Mae West; she later donated it to a Catholic girls school. It was then acquired by Duke and, subsequently by my friend and  V16 book author, Roy Schneider.  I have just been informed by the penultimate owner, Jimmy Kinnamon, that from 1992 until now (2006) the car was in his possession  In  March, 2004, he had it on eBay without a sale resulting. A further attempt was made to sell it in November, 2005 (there were no serious bidders). A sale did finally ensue, outside of the auction curcuit and the car currently [2/2006] is in the possession of Ron Browne of Tulsa, OK.

You will find nothing of substance about the car in Roys book either, just a single photo on p.146, from the collection of Rick Lenz, with this text:  "Right, a restored 1938 formal sedan (style 9033F) that was purchased by entertainer Mae West."

Ron Browne #22794


You are doing an awesome job to keep up with everything on the database.  It is an UNBELIEVABLE tool and resource.  The Cadillac database was one of the reasons I became a new CLC member.

I just wanted to see if I could round up that 60s Self Starter issue about the car for my files.  The information you have posted about the 38 9033F is awesome.  I definitely want to find a copy of Roys V-16 book for my library.  I have been looking for one, but have not had any luck.  Thanks Ron