eldo brougham query for YANN S.

Started by Stephen J. Kirkwood, March 24, 2006, 07:27:29 PM

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Stephen J. Kirkwood

Yann:  Mes respects.  I keep checking your Eldorado Brougham database to find the story of the recent find of that hoard of 5 cars.  Havent seen it so far.  Has he not yet told you the details?  I hope he does soon (and photos).  What a rare and amazing thing.  Also, you wont like this at all but I cry everytime an EB or other rare Cadillac heads overseas.  I hope that in 2020 we dont have to visit Australia and Germany to see what a classic Cadillac looked like.  So many classics are heading overseas!  I can just cry.

Quentin Hall Australia

Gday Stephen,
             "Where the bloody hell are ya???" You could do worse than have to come to beautiful Australia to have to see a 57 Brougham . . .
             But just to let you know that it would be a trip well spent, here in South East Queensland we have 4 Broughams, 2 53 Eldos, 2 56 Biarritzs, 4 57 Biarritzs, 2 59 Biarritzs and 2 61 Biarritzs.
             So aside from Cadillac heaven we have the best beaches in the world, the best weather . . . and not to mention the girls.
             Just ask Yann and Gita who were here a year ago.

             There is a new Australian tourism campaign running in Britain and Canada. Its called "Where the bloody hell are ya????"
             The Poms have complained about "bloody" and Canaks have complained about "hell". Its probably fair that the Yanks complain that all their Eldos are in OZ. (But Im not going to mention Sweden.)  
             See yall real soon. Quentin.

Yann Saunders, 12588

I have got four out of the five body numbers, but no photos.  I dont want to press the owner for more details, right now;  I can imagine he is slowly coming to terms with the fact that he was able to acquire in a single purchase FIVE of the most desirable post-WW2 Cadillacs.  He is now busy trying to decide which ones to keep, which ones to sell.

Ill get back as soon as more info is available.  BTW, none of these cars was previously listed on the roster of survivors.

About "our" classic cars heading overseas, wouldnt you rather see that happen than see them go to the crusher or get converted to lead sleds, hot rods and similar !  

BTW, its not like they were going to the moon.  Europe is "just over there", although in talking to some folks here in S. Carolina sometimes I get the impression they think that "Europe" is as far removed from the USA as Mars or Pluto.

Yann Saunders, 12588

Looks like Quentin and I hit the "send" buttons almost simultaneously.  Anyway, he is right.  We all need to realise that the "world" does not stop on Americas Atlantic or Pacific shores.

Fred Garfield 22310

Amen to that. Ive acquired a collection of edged weapons dating to Napoleonic Europe, most of them at auction. Do I ever hear the French screaming about how I plundered their heritage? Nope. In fact, theyre flattered that I would take so much interest in these artifacts and they know I will be a good caretaker. If the world admires something Americans made enough to pay serious money to own it, thats all to the good.

Randall A. McGrew CLC# 17963

Besides, over here, a nice Brougham might end up being hotrodded.
There is no appreciation for beauty.  Ah well.  I am glad the Europeans are happy to take them and preserve them.

Rhino 21150

Here in NORTH Carolina we look at SOUTH Carolina as a foreign country, maybe Pluto or even Sedna. Couldnt resist.

Fred Garfield 22310

LOL! Your Yankee roots are showing, Mr. Transplant.

And please dont get me started on North Carolina and its "triangle."

Rhino 21150

Say anything you wish about the Triangle. I live in Greensburbia, in the Triad. My dad lives near Baltimore and cant get even a fraction of the repair stuff that I can get from a variety of places. Ive had to pick up LIGHT BULBS here that werent available in Balto. His La Salle mechanic charges $135 per hour, mine gets $45.
I was born in NYC, the capital of the capitalist world. Proud of it! Wouldnt live there on a dare. I like the sunny south. It was 71 degrees today. Oh, and I have been here 33 years, I own a shotgun, a car on blocks and I will probably have another truck soon. Im officially native!
Notice how seriously I take life?

Fred Garfield 22310

>>Wouldnt live there on a dare.<<

Me neither. They would confiscate your shotgun, declare your car-on-blocks a nuisance (just before towing it), and fine you $50 every time you were lucky enough to find a parking space for one of your trucks. And if you smoked, youd be treated like a leper and taxed up the wazoo.

NYC may be the capitol of the capitalist world, but it sure aint the capitol of the free world.