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Started by Johnny #662, March 31, 2006, 12:48:56 PM

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Johnny #662

My 85 Eldo needs a shot of refrigerant.  Has anyone used Freeze 12, instead of R-12 (Freon)?  If so, were you satisfied with the job it did?

Erich Loepke

Freeze-12 is 80percent R-134a and 20percent R-142b, so you might as well do a full 134a conversion. It is not advisable (and likely illegal) to simply top off an R-12 system with something other than R-12. Dont let the name fool you; there is no "drop in" substitute for R-12 other than R-12.

dale jackson 20895


 I tryed that once In 1993 chevy truck. I flushed system out and put 134 in there. The mineral oil and pag oil caused black dealth and coated intire system black loking stuff.

 I ruined the ac system In my truck by mixing freons and oils up etc. All said and down. After conversion or mixing up etc.

 It worked for short time and then compressor died . To  fix it. I needed to replace evap box, compressor , conds, lines etc all of it. I just gave up sold my truck. Reason is we did flush very good to all old oil etc out system.

  Even after puting r134 in there first time. I would leak tons freon each weak since My hoses were not barrier type for r134.

 Stick with r-12 Unless you want replace the intire ac system etc.


denise 20352

  Never use PAG unless youre replacing everything and flushing the whole system.  If the system has any trace of mineral oil or R12 in it, and you have to add oil with R134, the correct oil to use is Ester.

  One of the mistakes that the Las Vegas XXXX XXX shop made to my car was to add PAG to my system without removing all of the ester oil.  The compressor was already beginning to seize when they gave me the car back.

  Also, there are three different grades of PAG, so if you are doing the whole system, be sure to use the right one.