1940 60s interiors

Started by Robert Bothwell CLC #20850b, April 07, 2006, 09:57:27 AM

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Robert Bothwell CLC #20850b

I see in the Master Parts book that a leather interior was an option for a 60s. Ive seen quite a few 39, 40 and 41 60s in car shows and ads but have never seen one in leather.
 I was thinking about re-doing my 40 in dark green leather to match the evergreen color on the body.
 Has anyone seen one with a leather interior?
Bob B.

Barry M. Wheeler #2189

Hi,Rod Brewer in Denver has an original 1941 SO interior in leather. I dont know about 1940, but 1941 had 4" pleats in the "regular" SO pattern from the special features book. Series 61/62 I believe were 3". (I had a Series 61 standard coupe that had original leather just on the cushions, which was the lowest priced option. Also, the back seats were cloth. How about that for driving a judge crazy?)
No wiggles, special patterns, etc. Just 4" pleats. However, money talked especially loud in 1941, and I would assume that if you wanted leather in the original pattern, that they would do that too. I think Bob Slaughter in Arkansas did his 1941 that way.
Either pattern would look great on your dark green car. Oh, SO is "special order."

Doug Houston

The Cadillac guys hereabouts had told me that "SO" means: "Shop Order".

Leather has always been available on Cadillac interiors. Im going to have my 39 V16 coupe done in leather. I asked Dave Holls, long ago what pattern to use, and he suggested to just use the pattern that the original cloth interior had, and itll look proper.

So, when the interior shows Shop Order, the design becomes wild, and any design can be Kosher, and no judge can knock points fot it, as long as its in good taste.

Robert Bothwell CLC #20850

Thanks for the replys!
 Im going to have my car painted back the original two-tone, Evergreen on the bottom and Chicory on the top.
Rather than have the interior brown, I thought it would be interesting to have a dark green leather with lighter green on the sitting areas in the same pattern as the original cloth.
Bob B.