Another Japanese SEV from Cadillac

Started by denise 20352, April 03, 2006, 07:37:35 PM

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Ed Dougher

That was Della Reese, not Ella Fitzgerald.  Big difference.

Although, since I own a gold 67 De Ville convertible, I like Dellas song that goes, "All I need is a solid gold Cadillac".

Ed Dougher

To me, I cant imagine anyone singing about a CTS.  People dont write songs about little red Chevettes.

Rhino 21150

They DO write songs about little red Chevettes! It was hysterical. I cant remember a single phrase from it. It was even funnier because I had one!

Bill Burton #19057

Youre right and Im mortified that I made that mistake.  I wish I could remember the name of the movie, because I remember that it was a great one.  She was singing it in the aisle of the bus on the way from one gig to another.  Great song and movie when a song was singable, didnt insult people and could be remembered for its tune not its number of swear words.

Bill Gauch

Do you really think 3 gallons of gas would take your 66 that far? :)

Randall A. McGrew CLC# 17963

Heck no...that was never the intent of those cars. Had it been, they would have had better mileage.  Why bother comparing them?
A 1966 Cadillac Series 60 Special was a luxury car for people who could afford the power and luxury.  There was no major point at gas mileage.  If you wanted good mileage, buy a Volkswagen!  

I fail to see the point here.

The whole focus of the new cars is impact protection, fuel mileage and creature comforts as well as an across the board sportiness, even in SUXs available to everyone. (sounds socialistic, doesnt it?)
Where the top of the line once had Wonderbar radio and foot controls, the new have a combo unit of navigations/DVD/CD with steering wheel controls or even voice commands!

Kind of like comparing a Brass era Cadillac with a 1958 Fleetwood Special, wouldnt you say?

I thought the whole point of the CLC was the enjoyment, preservation, restoration and research of, the Cadillacs of the past. That is why some dinosaurs here like their old cars.
That is the point of the club.  Recently we have added newer Cadillacs to enjoy.  That is great!  But it should not supplant the whole purpose of the club, unless, of course, the old goals are outmoded and should be set aside for the new.  That may be a very real change in the works as the membership seems increasingly less interested in the old cars.  We have lost some good members like Derek Sherwood because he, in part, saw no purpose and had no interest in, older Cadillacs (pre-1970).
Something to consider.

Change is universal.

denise 20352

  I would be perfectly happy to see the price of gas go up to $10 a gallon.  The higher it goes up, the fewer cars there are on the road.  Right now, with gas at $2.75, I can get to work in half the time it took when gas was $2.  An extra 20-30 minutes of free time a day, and a more pleasant drive, is well worth it.  Interesting it is, to see how few people really need to go somewhere at 8am.


Rhino 21150

Little Red Corvette was written by Prince (yeah, that IS his real name) and it is found on the album "1999". Little Red Chevette was a parody of that song done by a rock-a-billy band that I have forgotten.