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`29 La Salle Microphone Placement
« on: June 23, 2006, 02:39:23 PM »
I am restoring a 1929 La Salle limousine. The question that I have  pertains to the storage of the rear seat microphone. Unfortunately, the previous owner pulled the interior upholstery out of the car during his disassembly process and didnt save it.

The microphone is a reel/spool type of assembly (similar to the lighters for the same year). There is a wooden bracket built into the bodys frame at about shoulder height just aft of the right rear quarter window.  The spool casing into which the microphones wire retracts fits into this bracket.

My questions is actually a two parter: one, how does the wire exit through the upholstered side panel in that area and two, how is the microphone stored?  There is no hook nor eyelet on the microphone casing so apparently it was not hung and, I suspect, it was not allowed to swing free in the rear seat area.

I would appreciate hearing from any member who has either experience in dealing with this issue or who might have literature of any sort (the Shop & Body manuals and Technical Bulletins that I have do not show this) in which the system is demonstrated.

Bob Lapham CLC # 108


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