1960 eldo convertible trade for 59 eldo serville that rust free???????

Started by dale jackson, July 29, 2006, 05:32:03 AM

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Matt Mersereau

For entertainments sake, I really wish I could read this thread; really I do. My brain just wont allow me to finish reading any of Dales posts for some reason.


Summary as I know it:

Dale bought a 1960 Eldo and lots of parts

The car is totally apart and sits in his garage with junk all over it and around it (saw pics on Ebay)

It needs floors, you can see the previously performed bodywork and the dash board is a mess of wires

Dale has tried a couple times to sell the car on Ebay but he has been all over the web telling anyone who will listen that it is a disaster

Some people offered to help Dale write a better description to sell the car on Ebay but I dont think that he took anyone up on this offer.  

It was suggested that he get rid of the junk around the car and pull it out of the garage when taking pics and to lay out the extra parts so a buyer could see what comes with the car that was never done either

There were some bids on the car and many people told him to lower his reserve and to take the money and run but he didnt do that either

Dale has spent more money buying parts for the car

Its obvious that the car will never get back together in the next 50 years

Supposedly someone offered to trade Dale a 59 Seville for his 60 Eldo and he cant figure out if he should do it

Hes driving his parents car because he doesnt have another car of his own that runs

A lot of people are really tired of hearing about this car so Stampie offered to buy the car and all the parts but stipulated that Dale couldnt buy another Cadillac for so many years because he was really tired of hearing about Dales car problems

Dale has had several shady dealings selling parts on Ebay or elsewhere the last couple years including selling an expensive 61 Eldo molding off a car that he had already sold to someone else

He complains about having to take parts to a store to have them packaged and shipped and the buyers dont like the price they are charged

Dale finally bought a scale to weigh the parts

Dale is a used car salesman and has sold hundreds of cars but we know of at least one buyer who hates his guts as Dale told us all about it

Dale has made money on Chevys and other cars but really wants a 59 or 60 Eldorado

Dale seems to be in it for the almight dollar but whines that he really wants to own this car

Recently he decided that he would take apart some extra speedometers have the housings rechromed, put them back together and sell them as rebuilt but they probably wouldnt be accurate

At some point he had a medical problem or injury that he got a settlement but he wasted his money on this car and then later was going to lose his house

Dale cant figure out why no one has sympathy for his problems that he created for himself

That is all way too much info that any of us needed to know.