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tor olestad

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historie of my 1968 cadi
« on: August 07, 2006, 11:39:49 AM »
hello my name is tor olestad i live in norway.i have a 1968 deville convertible.knut berg from norway bay it in jackson california in 1998it is chesnut browni..i dont now  dont now anything abaut this car.i have seen a pics from jackson cementry it parkt autside.what can i do if i will find the historie of it.knut berg now noting abaut that car.knut its the last owner in jackson.the plate number he had was wsj530.registration expiration date 09/26/1997 and issue date 08/20/98.vehicle id number is f8232351 somone can help me to find somting  historie to this car.owners .the first one.i am not a good wrigter .tanks if you can help.tor olestad

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Re: historie of my 1968 cadi
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2006, 08:21:03 PM »
Hello Tor, nice to see another Norwegian here. I´ve done history research on quite a few of my older vehicles, and in this case, two things work against you: The fact that your car is a 1968, for which the Cadillac archives don´t have the build sheet copies anymore, and that it is a Califorina car, as the California DMV doesn´t keep their title records for very long. I´ve been  thru that myself with a 1975 Lincoln I have, only the last owner title was on file even though the car wasn´t exported to Norway until 2005.

Oh well, there are quite a few ways to try and work around the problems, and I may be able to give you a few tips. However I am packed with work this week, but mail me or call me up next week end, my cell is +47 90 55 67 20, and I´ll try to help you. Snakkes da / talk to you later...

Regards, Tore

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