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41 60s on Turner Classic Movies

Started by Robert Bothwell CLC #20850, August 11, 2006, 09:13:30 AM

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Robert Bothwell CLC #20850

 Wednesday night there was a short on the Turner Classic Movie
channel about the Mexican police force. It was apparently shot back in the 40s because the first scene was of a 1941 60s coming through a guard gate. Two things were unusual. One was that the short was shot in color. The other was that the Cadillac was a two-tone green, the same colors as my 1940 60s.
 The Dish Network does not list the names of the short subjects, so I was wondering if anyone has a Turner Movie magazine that tells the name of this show. I would like to tape it if they show it again so I could study the car more closly.
Bob B.

Bill Ingler #7799

Hi Bob- My TV Guide out here in Phoenix listed on Wed night under TCM channel a movie called Holiday in Mexico with Walter Pidgeon and Jane Powell.

Robert Bothwell CLC #20850

Hi Bill,
 This was a short subject between movies. I think it was right before the one you mentioned.
Bob B.

Barry M. Wheeler #2189

Bob, you might also see if you can contact them by e-mail. Go to their site and see. I also saw a dusty grey/rivermist grey 1941 60S in a B&W short starring one of the big golf starts of the 40s.

Paul Anisman

Bob - One word of caution on assuming that a film on Mexican police, showing a 41 60-S, would have been shot in the 40s.  Mexican police were driving 40s automobiles into the 1960s. When I lived in Mexico in 64, I vividly remember the police driving a well preserved 48 Chrysler...quite a sight. :)  
Hope youll let everybody know if you do get the name of that "short".

Robert Bothwell CLC #20850

Thanks, Paul.
I havent found it yet. I checked out the Turner website, but they only seem to list the movies.
 They had a segment showing a motorcycle drill team and the Harleys looked to be of an earlier vintage (I had a 53).
 Ill keep looking.
Bob B.