67 Deville radiator w/HRL needed

Started by Hank Modica CLC 17604, August 08, 2006, 12:02:25 PM

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Hank Modica CLC 17604

  Would anyone have any leads as to where I can obtain
  a new radiator for my 67 Deville?
  Seems as if everyone has a replacement that
  does NOT include the Heater Return Line (HRL).
  Radiators.com will build one for over $400 with
  a 4-6 week wait.
  Any help/suggestions/advice appreciated.

                    Regards, Hank

John #22631

Hank, Have you checked with Modine? They produce a great radiator for almost any year (recent that is) Cadillac in a 3 or 4 row design. Get the 4 row if you have A/C.


Doesnt look good, I checked all my sources and they all say W/O heater hose fitting, weird. 472 engine no prob, another knock on the 429 engines, cant even get a radiator.

Go with the new custom or a recore.

Okay, USA parts has a four row for $ 399 and a three row for $ 299, just took a peak at the catalogue, they are expensive but they have parts nobody else does. Hopefully in stock and there you go, LOL.


Porter ( two 429s )


They may have you over the barrel but they have rare parts, at least somebody has the parts and I would charge and arm and a leg too if I were them.

http://www.usapartssupply.com TARGET=_blank>www.usapartssupply.com


Not even an 800 # , you do the math, LOL

Ive bought from them before, friendly bunch of guys, hehe, at least you can get a free catalogue too, LOL !!!!!!!!


Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday Hank,

If you still have your original top and bottom tanks, just go to any reputable Radiator Repair Shop and have them install a new core.

I do this all the time and have never had problems.  Especially handy with custom conversions.

Plus, it is a lot cheaper than buying a complete new radiator, and the guys can stick any fittings where you want, and even supply heavy duty cores between your tanks.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

Hank CLC 17604

  Thanks for all the replies.
  Turns out USA Parts can help.
  They sent the following when I asked if they had a radiator
  with the HRL.

  "Yes it does, special order allow 25 days  
   new $339.41 + shipping & oversize fees $65.90 (in USA)"

   I might have said yes but I hated the thought of not being
   able to drive her til September.

   So I finally found a radiator repair shop
   that will re-core mine for about $270.00

   Thought Id post this info for other 429 owners.

                      Regards, Hank

Glenn #8092

Have you tried Radiator Barn?
Seems to me I asked about one of these several years ago and they had one at a reasonable price
Maybe they still do


Hank CLC 17604

  Hi Glenn

      Yes, I tried radiatorbarn.
      I tried everyone. And though many state they have
      them, when asked to check on the HRL,
      they all came up empty.

      Thanks for the pointer though.

                    Regards, Hank