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Jim Senesac
« on: November 25, 2006, 10:40:59 AM »
The car collecting and restoration world lost a great icon on Thanksgiving Day. Jim Senesac, of rural Lafayette, IN passed away at the age of 80. In a group of many fine restorers around the country, Jim still stood out. He has redone cars from Cadillacs to Cords to Duesenbergs. I remember when he pulled into the Vigo Country fairgrounds some thirty five years ago with his fresh maroon Cord sedan on a trailer. I was some distance off, and you could see crowds of spectators moving towards the car. That occassion was its first "Best in Show."
Jim was the mechanic and caretaker of the Goodwin Funeral Home Collection for many years. He would trailer the Indiana old car plate #1 Duesenberg to shows from Indy to Hershey, and helped find parts for Bill.
Some twenty five years ago, a 1950 Cadillac showed up at a local Texaco station with engine trouble. The kids driving it never came back for it, and Jim restored it and still has the car. When I had my 1946 Cadillac convertible, I ended up with a parts car that Jim had made into one of the first "hardtops." Hed taken a top from a GM car that fit, and made his convertible into a Hard top. I tried several times to take the top off, but there was so much lead in it, it was too heavy to get home.
The average collector couldnt afford for him to do a car. But those lucky few that could got the best. One tip I got from him years ago deserves to be passed on. He always lined up the trim screws so that the slot, whether plain or Phillips would match the line of the car. Like the top and bottom screw on your 41 Cadillac tail lamp bezel should line up from the front of the car to the back. If necessary, Jim would slip in a scrap of card stock so the screw could be snugged up and still line up.
In a world-wide forum such as this, most of you would have no reason to mourn Jim. Except as one who was a Master of his craft...
Gentlemen, the ranks of such are shrinking.


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