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Ralph Williams, CLC # 18472

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Greetings all--

I recently purchased a 57 Fleetwood 60 Special without A/C. Im in the process of collecting the parts necessary to install factory A/C in my "new" car.

It would be most helpful if someone could send me pictires of installed 57 A/C components from various angles (compressor, fan and shroud, condenser, blower unit, dash, etc.).

Also, if anyone has 57 A/C parts out there theyd like to sell, Im in the market. For certain, I need the dash control/switch and cable and the four-groove crankshaft pulley. But Id be interested in hearing about any other A/C components anyone might want to sell.


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Jack McClow CLC #15840

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Re: 57 Sixty Special: Need Pictures of Installed 57 Air Conditioning System
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Hi Ralph,

Maybe I can help ........ I added A/C to my 57 convertible a few years back ....... made it as authentic as I possibly could have, and was very, very happy with the result. E-mail me directly if you would like, or call if you want:  301-330-5417 ........ Ill be available all week.  Have you purchased the authenticity manual for the Class 16 yet?  If not, it will be a big help.  Pete Peters from Fort Wayne Indiana, the author of the manual, was a huge help to me during the process; he added a factory spec A/C system to a 58 some years ago.  One of his suggestions was to use an A-6 compressor (used on 1962s and newer) instead of the proper one for my year .......... maybe I should have as I am now having problems with the one I used.  I believe he told me that back in the early sixties the recommended repair procedures called for upgrading the compressors on the older cars when they came in for service with compressor troubles. Just Dashes handled the dash restoration ....... dash turned out beautifully; accurate color duplication was the only snag, but we got through it.  I found a 57 donor car for all the parts ........ the fan shrouds are hard to find.  I had extras, but gave them to Bill Bradly in Texas, but he has since gone out of business.  I can help you with some tricky rubber items that are no longer available or reproduced, thanks to the knowledge Bill had that he then passed on to me.  For example, one of the rubber items the system needs starts out with a large square opening and reduces down, in a staggered manner, to a small round opening ........ turns out the floor shifter boot from a Ford Ranger pickup with manual transmission from the early nineties works perfectly; when I went to the parts department of the local Ford dealer to order one, the man behind the counter suggested that I take one from a slightly more current model year ......... he said the newer ones were no more expensive and came with built-in cup holders ...... it was nice of him to try to help.  The other impossible to find rubber part was intented for a late model Jaguar ....... how someone figured these things out is beyond me, but Bill Bradly knew the information from one of his many long time connections, and it saved me an enormous amount of effort.

Call me ........ I will be more than happy to help in any way I can.



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