What color under fenders - 1993 LaSalle

Started by Fred Zwicker #23106, December 01, 2006, 01:44:02 PM

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Fred Zwicker #23106

Does anyone know the correct color to paint the underside of the fenders on a 1939 LaSalle? (Body color or black - gloss, semi-gloss or flat?).  What about the fender brackets that attach from side of fenders to the frame? Somewhere I found that the inside of the wheels are to be black, not body color.???  Any other ideas for paint under the car, as well as motor, intake manifold, hood springs, etc. Thanks,


Barry M. Wheeler #2189

Ditto my other suggestion. Terry made up the color details for accessories and what to paint what color where. Under fenders is black. I believe what we call semi-gloss today. Rust-o-leum #7777 is probably pretty close.


Ooops- I guess I couldnt buy a LaSalle in 1993, so had to settle for my 1939.  This was my biggest typo error this year. Sorry about that...

JIM CLC # 15000

Fred, I just dont have any answers for you concerning a 1993 La Salle, But, if you will settle for answers for a 1939 La Salle then I can give my HO disguised as a "wag". I would paint the engine and intake manifold with a good quality "hi-temp" paint of the G. A. G. color.  ( G. A. G.= GOD AWFUL GREEN )As for the fender brackets paint them with your favorite brand of black as they will be coated with a good coatn of undercoat.
Good Luck,JIM

Bill Sullivan

I have two LaSalles (1940 and 1937) and both had quite a bit of their original paint left on them.  The undersides of the fenders were definitely body color.  Ditto with the undersides of the floor, underside of the hood, trunk, and entire interior, except for the dash.  Any brackets that attach to the frame (like running board brackets or fender braces) were black, along with the frame.

I would assume your 39 LaSalle would be the same.

Fred Zwicker #23106

Thanks Bill and Jim,

What about the springs that hold the hood open? I want to detail under the hood this winter. My hood springs are now body color, but wonder if this was original?  I checked the paint under the hood and inside the trunk and they are all body color, as well as the firewall. The air cleaner and the large steel housing above the radiator (where hood latches) and the two long rods to hold in place are all black. I bought 2 spray cans of the G.A.G. (green) from Bill Hirsch to paint the motor, incuding the heads and the intake manifold.  I think the oil pan is also this green.  What about the transmission? I am certain that the driveshaft, rear end and springs were probably originally black, along with the frame.

Thanks to everyone for the information.


Bill Sullivan


The hood springs on my 40 appear to be black.  I think the cowl was painted bare at the factory, so anything that bolts to the cowl is not likely to be body color and are usually gloss black.  This includes those hood springs, wiring clips, the voltage regulator, the support rods, coil and so forth.

The transmission, bell housing and the attaching bolt heads are definitely that olive engine color, I have seen many of these units with original paint left on them.

What ever you do, when you go to a CLC show, you will probably see some cars with different colors for some of these items. CLC does have authenticity manuals for some cars, perhaps there is one for your LaSalle.  It might be a good idea to look there too.