Anyone Have Experience with CarCapsule?

Started by Randall A. McGrew CLC # 17693, November 30, 2006, 12:14:42 AM

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Randall A. McGrew CLC # 17693

I am looking into getting a 20 foot CarCapsule inflatable external car cover. TARGET=_blank>

It is 100 mil thick, with a oil/radiator fluid/transmission fluid resistant base,  

My garage is disappearing in the next couple of months and I must have the car covered so as not to be damaged by the elements.  I have used NOAH covers before and they worked well enough, but there was still some degradation.

Anyone have any experience with these inflatable outdoor instant garages?

Thank you in advance.


Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday Randall,

I hope they can withstand the weight of a couple of feet of snow.

The Tassie devil(le),
60 CDV



I think the snow is supposed to slide off of it - slippery plastic surface.

Randall A. McGrew CLC # 17693

Gday Bruce.

Uh the inflated surface is rounded, and the material, as Jerry stated, is slick.  Sooooo...
no snow is not a problem.  Besides, there are these amazing archaic inventions called brooms.  A long stick with lots of straw bristles on the end.  You can sweep the snow off with that broom.  Wow.


Randy the Incredulous

George Woodford clc21025

Any material subjected to the elements will degrade over a short period of time.  I think a canopy style garage would serve you better outdoors.  A 10 foot X 20 foot costs about $100 on sale.

Randall A. McGrew CLC # 17693

Thank you, George.  I wish I could.  The tent carport type is a great idea with the roll down flaps on all sides would work beautifully.  I want a garage would be better but unfortunatel I am losing the one I have use of now.  The CarCapsule is supposed to last a long time (yeah I know) but who knows.  Its quite an investment.  I am not even sure the HOA will allow it.  

But thank you for the advice.