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Started by Vince Taliano #13852, December 06, 2006, 07:40:54 PM

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Vince Taliano #13852

Click below to view the December 06 issue of the Caddie Chronicle, CLC Potomac Regions newsletter. TARGET=_blank>

In this issue, read about
*   Caddie Chronicles 3rd Birthday!
*   Savannah Grand National Update
*   Wings & Wheels Show
*   "The Cadillac That Followed Me Home" Book Review
*   2006 Fall Driving Tour
*   Going Cross-Country in a 1965 DeVille Convertible â€" Part 1
*   Small Fleet of Old Cadillacs Helps New Terp Drive in Style
*   Creative Chrome Factory Update

If you have trouble opening or viewing the file, please let me know.
Vince Taliano
CLC Potomac Region TARGET=_blank>

Johnny #662

Great Newsletter...........should be an incentive for those that arent members to become members.

*It should be noted that this is just a "local region", newsletter, and that there is also a National Magazine that comes out monthly.

John Tozer # 7946

Great newsletter Vince, and thanks for posting it free!

John Tozer