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Started by Joe Bento #20081, December 14, 2006, 09:13:05 AM

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Joe Bento #20081


Does anyone know where to get an electronic ignition for a 1940 Cadillac series 72?

When I restored a 1952 Ford tractor, I replaced the points, condenser, etc. with an electronic ignition.  Tractor ran much smoother, and everything was contained under the distributor cap, so not change in the appearence (Even kept the old beast 6v).

Thanks all!


Don Boshara #594

Petronix has one. You can google their address. When you see the problem wiring into a 40 Cadillacs coil youll probably drop the idea.

Joe Bento #20081

Do you have the instructions and/or description of whats involved?

In my Ford Tractor in was simply drop a new plate into the distributor, and a new rotor and I was good to go.



Mike Simmons (938)

Joe- If you can get the Pertronix folks to deliver on the 6P suffix part number, you only need to find a source of 6 volts that is switched on when the ignition key is on. I think you can run a wire from the red Pertronix wire to the screw on the back of the ignition switch that supplies voltage to the starter push button,gauges,flasher etc. The black Pertronix lead then goes to the accessible coil terminal that the distributor primary wire went to. I have only done this with 12 volt cars but I cant wee why it would be any different for you.

John #22631

On your 52 tractor, that system was Negative ground. Correct? On the 40 it is a positive ground system. Most likely that was the reason for the reply you got that it would be a pain to convert. I have 0 experience with a + ground system, but would be curious to know how it is set up just for the knowledge.


Bryson Talamini 21505

Joe, Just read the forum. My 37 LaSalle is fitted with a 40 distrib. [Delco 1110806 because it has vac advance]. I fitted a Pertronix 1183P6 with a black Pertronix 45011 coil. It comes with a special wiring diag for the pos earth & with a bit of fiddling you can make it almost undetectable from the original. Works great: starts instantly, smoother idle and 15percent better fuel economy, [the vac advance had given me a further 12percent]. I found 40 thou works best for the plugs.
Bryson in Oz