The Movie, "Dreamgirls"

Started by harry Carlson #16432, December 31, 2006, 11:06:58 PM

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harry Carlson #16432

Hey, I just saw the movie "Dreamgirls" and it is a hoot not just for lovers of Detroit style soul music, but also for Cadillac lovers!
Lots and lots of 60s and 70s Cadillacs are shown, driven, featured, and sung about!  A pleasant surprise.

The character played by Jamie Foxx sells used Cadillacs until he breaks into showbiz.  When he meets the character played by Eddie Murphy, Murphy says, "Hey, didnt you sell me my Cadillac?"  Then Jamie Foxxs character sells his Cadillac inventory to finance the record venture. Then his songwriter writes a hit song about Cadillacs.  Pretty soon they are all driving Cadillacs.  One character does a snow-sliding U-turn on a bridge in his 62 (I think?) Caddy when their song fadees out on the radio, so they can go back and keep listening to it!
Oh, yeh, there is music too.

Gary Christensen CLC 21112

As an owner of a 62, it was great to see several of them in Dreamgirls.  I saw a 60 and a 63 as well.