pink cadillac lasalle 1958 convertable

Started by jean gagnon, January 12, 2007, 03:11:03 AM

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jean gagnon

i was having an uncle how has this rare and when i search a litte bit i know this is very very rare ... a pink cadillac 1958 lasalle, convertable,peoples talk about us again and this was near 50 years ago... my uncle was very rich but i never know it because im born in 1971, but today again over 50 years ago peoples remembers ( theses peoples i dont know who they are..) that my uncle was driving a pink cadillac lasalle 1958 convertable....  so... does it exist? or if cadillac made somes hand made style ??
thanks for your responds!

jean gagnon

his name was phillipe gagnon, the guy with the pink lasalle 1958 convertable, he buy it new in 1958, and i have a aunt in vermont who is name melina, shes died late 2005, thats all i can say, please help me to find tracks of my family, please!

Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

Youre asking us for help to find a needle in a haystack.  Youll need to be more specific (photo, VIN, license tag, last known address of the owner - your uncle - how long he lived there, what was his occupation, etc.).  Cadillac made 8,640 convertibles in 1958, of which 815 Eldorado models (no La Salles - last one was made in 1940).

[[ P.S. Tu peux mecrire en francais si cest plus facile pour toi ]]

Je disais donc, tu voudrais quon taide a trouver une aiguille dans une meule de foin. Il nous faudrait plus de precisions (par ex. photos de lauto, numero du chassis/moteur, immatriculation, derniere adresse connue de ton oncle, combien de temps a-t-il vecu a cette adresse, quelle etait sa profession, etc.). En 1958, Cadillac a fabrique 8,640 cabriolets, dont 815 modeles Eldorado (aucune LaSalle - la derniere est sortie de lusine en 1940).

Barry M. Wheeler #2189

In any case, Cadillac did produce a "pink" colour. It was called Mountain Laurel, and became famous/infamous as Mary Kay Pink. It is the only color I know of to exist and be (more or less) regularly available long after the original cars were produced. (One just has to sell all the lipstick and mascara in the world to your neighbors and Mary Kay will give you a pink Cadillac.) Mary Kay (I believe) has the color "locked up" and a normal person off the street cant get a Cadillac painted that colour. Cars do appear as used ones from time to time.