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Author Topic: Painting order (or what would you do?)  (Read 994 times)

joe bento #20081

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Painting order (or what would you do?)
« on: January 09, 2007, 03:21:47 PM »

1940 Caddy series 72.  I am not looking for "Pebble beach", but rather a nice paint job suitable for local parades, car shows, meets, etc.

Rebuilt the engine and front end, so engine and tranny are out, entire front "Clip" (I believe it is called) is off.

What is the correct order for painting and reassembly (including anything that "should" be done to trim and interior?  In other words, if this were your project, what would you do?

Mainly I am curious when I should but the engine back in.  I have heard after firewall is painted but before the body is done, after the body is done, etc.



Harry Scott

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Re: Painting order (or what would you do?)
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2007, 09:00:21 AM »
Joe, I have a 41 67 series limo that is close to being finished. When I got the car it was a basket case and brought home by the piece. All of the mechanical as well as chassis painting was done first. The firewall was painted and the engine installed, at this point the car was able to move under its own power. The local body shop I used took the fenders and other panels seperately when they were not busy. I then took the car to them for painting. The car is black so it was fairly easy to get a match on the paint for all of the pieces. It took about 8 mnths for the entire painting process. Since Ive gotten the car back I have installed the rear window, trunk, rear fenders, and hood, that leaves the  windshield, front fenders and side glass to be done. I have had all of the exterior chrome done and some of the interior chrome done. There are some of the interior pieces that can be used as is with buffing. Of course, the biggie after assembly is finished is the interior. In retrospect, I would have had the car painted, to include the firewall prior to installing the engine. The engine installation should be easy with the front sheetmetal off. With regard to your previous post about cost/value, at this moment I have invested (more approiately spent) $8500 for body & paint, $5000 for chrome and about $3500 on mechanical. With interior costs being what they are I am going to have to rely on the pleasure factor vs cash for my return on investment. Just think how boring it would be to have that money tied up in a CD. All you could do would be to worry about what the rate would be at maturity. Keep the hobby going!


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