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Started by myren kohlhorst 17794, January 29, 2007, 10:45:54 AM

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myren kohlhorst 17794

Good morning to all,
Im now in the market for a complete cloth wrapped replacement wire harness for my 1939 6119. Where should I look? Who is recomended? And who has been used. Any and all leads will ge greatley appreated. 1 Day closed to spring.

baxter culver #17184

I recently purchased a complete harness for my 39 6019 from YnZ.  It came complete including terminals (except for those leads that had to be custom fit).  Would recommend them. TARGET=_blank>

Bill Gauch

I hear RI Wire ( TARGET=_blank> ) is supposed to be good. I e-mailed them and they offered to let me come in for a tour of their shop, so they seem to have nothing to hide.

Bill Hamilton, CLC16219


I purchased and installed, on my own, a harness for my 40 LaSalle from Y n Z. Instructions were very clear. Harness fit like a glove. Rhode Island has good harnesses also, however, they do not provide the body plug that connects the main harness to the body harness. You have to use your old one.

Bill Hamilton

Joe Bento #20081

RI wire is awsome!

It is true that to connect the body wiring harness to the main harness, you have to reuse the old connector.  but since my project is not going to up for any sort of judging, and the wires will be hidden away under the dash, I plan on using a new modern connector.