removing door hinge pins

Started by Spooner, February 16, 2007, 07:54:21 AM

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Any trick to removing the hinge pins on a 69 deville convertible?  They are pinched at the top, Im assuming to keep them from falling out.  Do I need to file off the ears and simply pound them out?

Where is a good source for bronze replacement bushings?

Thanks for any info.


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I have done it on other cars and seem to remember removing the hinges.  I made little scribe marks to get them back aligned and supported the door with a jack (dont sit in the car or support the car with another jack when doing this)and did them 1 at a time.  To get the old pin out you do grind down those nubs.

Most if not all parts stores carry this line, some like napa have their own branded and partnumber ones but you can enter the dorman number in their website and get their number.  Look under category door & window parts.  I tried to link right to the part but this software dont seem to like that. TARGET=_blank>

Good Luck!

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John Morris

Ive bought the Napa pins and bushings and the pins are loose in the bushings! Not a wowed out hole, but the pin to bushing. GM still has both cheap and they fit excellent. Hes right, trying to pound the new pin in on the car can damage the body at the mounting holes and you need a hard surface such as a vice or anvil to set them correctly. Pull the hinges first, good luck!!