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Started by Charles D. Barnette #1465, February 06, 2007, 10:58:01 AM

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Charles D. Barnette #1465

While studying the vehicles used by Queen Elizabeth II on her trips in the 50s to Canada and the US, I found the 1959 series 75 Cadillac "bubble top (over the backseat)" used by the Queen and President Eisenhower together in the summer of 59 to dedicate the St. Lawrence Seaway in Montreal, Canada. It was made available by GM of Canada. Later this car shows up being used by President and Mrs. Kennedy. Yann covers it in detail on the database under 59 Cad. show cars. My question is where is it now? Charles D. Barnette.

Tim Pawl CLC#4383

This car is presently undergoing a full restoration. Al Haas (a CLC Past-President) has the details on who owns it and who is doing the restoration.

Charles D. Barnette #1465

Thank you Tim. I am glad to know it still exists. There exists visible on the internet the old British Pathe newsreel of the occasion when Ike and the Queen used the car together. The "bubble top" was off and the overhead shot of the two in this car is quite elegant and regal! Charles

Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

Yes, the current owner/restorer - whom I have known personally since 1978 - has requested anonymity until the job is finished, at which time I am sure he will be proud to show off this exceptional, custom Cadillac.

Charles D. Barnette #1465

I cannot wait until it is finished. It is an important historical automobile to both our country and Canada. It sounds like it is in good hands. The Queen is coming to our country in May of this year to celebrate the 400th birthday of the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia. If the car is finished by that time maybe she can ride in it again! Charles D. Barnette