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Started by Alan Millard, January 28, 2007, 01:15:39 PM

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Alan Millard

I have a 1927 cadillac.  I was wonder where to find  paint for touchup and to have a few other part painted.  I read where one place wanted a chip 2x3  I thought that was a little bit big.  

Wayne Womble 12210

It is very doubtfull that the car will be an original color anyway. Finding a packaged touchup paint is unlikely, unless you happen to know what it was done in. You can take the car or a part of the car to an automotive paint supply store and they can match it up with their computer scan device. The results are usually good enough and sometimes are great. Be advised that there are many paint types. If you will be spraying it, you will need all of the thinners, hardners etc. that go along with that system. If you want brushable touch up paint, you will need a single stage type that does not require clear coating.

Alan Millard

Barry M. Wheeler #2189

I spoke to guy at Color-Ite today, trying to pin down the color I want to use for my 41 that was a 32/33 authentic Cadillac color. He spent some time on it, even though I told him my painter wanted to order his own paint, which I thought was a very nice thing to do. If your car is still painted the original shade, he can match it as well as anyone I have heard of to the correct color. (Not match YOUR paint on your car, but back to the original shade.) They have a web site.