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Cad Craftsman Zippo-whats it worth?

Started by Angelo Van Bogart, February 08, 2007, 11:08:54 AM

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Angelo Van Bogart

A friend is offering me his fathers Cadillac Craftsman Zippo measuring tape and magnifying glass set (I believe from 1961), but its been a while since Ive seen one sell. I want to give him a fair price for the items, which are new in the box. Any ideas what theyre worth?
Angelo Van Bogart

Doug Houston

Since youre already in the old car magazine business, you certainly understand that this stuff can be a gold mine, or just a curte ornament. We used to take tours of the Cadillac plant on Clark Street, and they gave us those nice little favors when the tour was over. Mine is still buried in a dresser drawer, along with a little tool kit that thay passed out.

Probably, your best bet is to offer the guy what you honestly feel is a decent price, and go from there. I sort of doubt that hell be able to pay off his mortgage with it.

Little memorabilia like that can jar you off your foundation. I have a NOS Chrysler 1957 automatic rear view mirror, and saw one go on the Bay for over 500 bucks. It was worth a hooppin lot more to somebody than mine is to me!

Angelo Van Bogart

Thanks, Doug! I used to pick up Craftsman stuff whenever I found it, but the same person with the Zippos offered me a nearly complete collection of Craftsman items his father earned while working at a Washington state dealership. I bought the set, so I ended up with nearly everything at once and had no need to look anymore. The seller recently uncovered the 1961 items and I figured Id better keep them together!
Thanks again,

Doug Houston

I have to add to that a bit. We used to visit the final assembly line in the Clark Street plant rather frequently; the CCCA or CLC in particular. Ansel Sackett generally set up the tours. At  the end of the tour, theys have us convene in a conference room, and there was a supply of "goodies" for us to take. On one occasion; I believe 1970, they had desk sets with Cadillac crests and pens....nice stuff. They also had a supply of promo models of the current year cars. Ansel asked that we limit the pen sets to one per family; that there werent enough there for each person. When the crowd left, there were lots of desk sets left, and almost no promo models remaining. Funny people, we.

The tour was conducted by a regular lad who worked as a guide. There was generally a goodly crowd in attendance. Id been there so many times, that Id be talking to a group, pointing out operations and we would become parted from the guide. I ended up being a sort of second tour guide.  In 1970, I may well have seen the 1970 convertible that I still have, being assembled.