OBD 1 Code tool

Started by Rob Bruining CLC12428, February 11, 2007, 09:35:27 PM

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Rob Bruining CLC12428

A friend has a 93 Buick with the check engine light on. Auto Zone will check them for free. The problem is they only check OBD 2 not 1. Does anyone know which connector contacts you short out with a paperclip to get the system to flash the correct trouble code? I had a small tool/w trouble code list I bought for under $10 but left it with my 93 when I sold it.I really would like to help him out.

Bill Gauch

I know nothing about 93 Buicks, but every time I ever checked ODB I codes, I used an analog multimeter. The lights dont work on every car, but the multimeter always works as long as you know the 2 pins. You should be able to find this info in any Chiltons/Haynes manual that covers the car. Most public libraries have copies of car manuals. Also, Im sure with the appropriate google search you could find a Buick site that would have then answer.