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Started by Michael Schaible, February 11, 2007, 10:16:46 AM

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Michael Schaible

Hello All,

        Im about to purchase this carpreviously listed  on ebay ( item number 160075812961 ). I would be most grateful for any comments that you would like to share..........Im concerned about the driveability, authenticity and value. I have several other cars but none are as old or as expensive as this one will be and Im a bit nervous. Am I crazy to expext to be able to drive this car ( in good weather )safely and comfortably ?  What updates or important to make ??

       Please share any advice warnings or opinions that you think might be helpful  

Many Thanks

john fotakis CLC#23436

Hi there. As far as authenticity goes you should ask the vendor for the following- the I.D. plate details- left side cowl, which will give you an idea of the original trim/colour/options/specifications which you can then double check with the cadillac archives. Also the body tag no.-located on the drivers door and the engine no.  With all these you can get a feeling for the originality/authenticity of a car. But nothing beats getting an expert to have a look for you befoe committing such a large amount of money. Maybe somebody from the cadillac club living in the area can help or suggest somebody who can- for a small fee of course.  Having said all this, it looks fine from the pictures. If it is as good as described- always be careful with such "boisterous" advertising- then there is no reason you couldnt drive it straight away. Good luck. Cheers, John.

Bob Diederich CLC16618

John, DONT BUY ANY CAR ON THE E BAY WITH OUT HAVING A LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!! E BAY OFFERS NO PROTECTION TO THE BUYER IF IT IS A PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!!!!I know this from my own experiance as I bought one from a slime bag in Overland Park Kansas. When the car was delivered it was in terrible condition and completly eaten by rats under the hood and interior. EBAY offered no help or resolution. I then hired an Lawyer in Kansas City and she sent a letter to the seller that had the impact of a greeting card and charged me almost $1,000 dollars. When i looked at the photos of the car and read the discription on the E BAY ad
it looked ok. I even had a long telephone conversation with the seller and he claimed the car was in good condition. Iam sorry this response is so long but I dont want any one to get screwed like i did.
Regaurds Bob.

Bob Diederich CLC16618