Started by Don Pettee #20471, February 12, 2007, 12:36:17 AM

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Don Pettee #20471

I have just replaced the wiper posts, linkage and wiper motor on my closed body sedan and it occurs to me that rain water could seep in around the wiper posts.  Is there a rubber piece to prevent this?  This is a restoration I didnt take apart and there are a lot of questions I need answers to.  Im about to put in the windshield and would like to know which side faces forward? There are two differences,first the ridge on the frame goes top to bottom on one side and ends approx. four inches from the top on the other. Second the loops on top which are engaged by the lifting posts to raise the window have a lip facing up on one side and not the other.  The lip is on the opposite side of the frame from the four inch shorter ridge.

Third question.  There are two openings at the edge of the floor pan for cables at the firewall. I have the ignition/transmission cable running up next to the fuse box far right, the speedo cable in the middle and I have not been able to figure how to run the wiper vacuum hose line. If I run it down the middle it seems several inches too short.

I have received a lot of help from Paul Ayres and Tom Young and  also rely on there Authenticity manual for this model and want to thank them again.

Don Pettee, #20471

Terry Wenger CLC #1800


There are no seals around the wiper posts on my 32 355B Town Sedan. A little RTV around the posts might help. The posts do fit fairly snug in the body. I dont see a ridge on my windshield frame and I would have to take the wiper motor and header board off to answer your second question. The vacuum line(actually a tube) goes to the top right of the firewall behind the heater on the inside, into a rt. angle fitting, through the firewall into a chrome rt. angle fitting and into a chrome vertical tube which drops down to the bottom of the firewall and is bent to go into the vacuum pump. The chrome fitting and chrome vertical tubing are almost identical to the oil fitting and line on the left side of the firewall.

Paul Ayres #5640

Don - Thanks for the kind remarks.  Paul

don pettee

I sorted out the vacuum line, Ill experiment with the windshield since there are only two choices.  Thanks, Don