57 Plymouth v. 59 Cadillac

Started by Charles D. Barnette #1465, January 31, 2007, 09:15:16 PM

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Charles D. Barnette #1465

In the days of the "War of the Fins" among automobile manufacturers, the 57 Plymouth made a significant statement causing others to go back to the drawing boards with more creativity. Of course the war was won in my opion by the 59 Cadillac never to ever rise above that standard set. Still we must all pay homage to the 57 Plymouth in these matters. We can do this on June 15, 2007, in of all places -Tulsa, Oklahoma. You see 50 years ago a brand new 57 Plymouth Belvedere was buried underground in a crypt to be raised for the first time this June 15th as part of the Oklahoma Centennial. It seems when the car was buried, a contest was announced to award the car and a $100 savings account to the person who came the closest to guessing Tulsas population in 2007. Will they find rust or a treasure? How about it fellow CLC member Jim Jordan of Oklahoma? Charles D. Barnette

Lou CLC19028

Should be interesting to see how the car held up. Heres a link for ya

 http://www.buriedcar.com/ TARGET=_blank>http://www.buriedcar.com/

Charles D. Barnette #1465

I am glad to see that the car is a 2 door sport version-that means it will be worth more if it is not a pile of rust. I wonder if a 57 Cadillac would have faired better under the same conditions? Charles

Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

The 57 Chrysler Corporation cars were notorious for rusting, quickly and badly, so I wouldnt bet on finding a like-new Plymouth in that capsule.

Jim Jordan CLC 5374

I will definately be there for the unveiling.  Hopefully the gold and white coupe is still pristine.  I did find out that it was wrapped in a cosmoline type oil cloth and that the concrete vault was sprayed with foam insulation after it was placed in there.  Any CLC memebers who would like to come are welcome.  It should be a grand affair!

Jim Jordan

http://www.tulsarama.com TARGET=_blank>www.tulsarama.com also feature 2 videos of the events in 1957