Car cover for a 1940 series 72

Started by Joe Bento #20081, February 12, 2007, 12:04:24 AM

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Joe Bento #20081


I need to think about ordering a car cover for the above vehicle. Measureing the width, proportions etc. is such a pain, and something I am just not good at.

So, the series 72 has a 138" wheel base and 226.69" overall length.  A series 75 had a 141" wheel base and an overall length of 228.19.  Not sure what is meant by front and rear tread, but it looks like the two vehicles were identical in rear tread, and the series 75 was 2.5 wider in the front tread.

Here is my question: Has anyone out there with a 1940 series 72 or 75 ordered a California car cover (as in California Car Cover Co.)?  Are you happy with it?  Does any reckon if the dimensions of the series 75 and 72 are "close enough" to use the same cover?

As always, the more advice, the better.



Paul Ayres #5640

Joe - I ordered a cover for my 40-7219 from California Car Cover.  I sent them the dimensions from my car.  The cover fits like a glove.  The should have the data I sent them years ago, so you should not have to re-measure.  Paul Ayres

Joe Bento #20081

That is EXACTLY what I was hoping to hear!  Do you recall approximately when you ordered it?  And which one did you order and are you happy with the performance?

Thanks Paul!!!

Paul Ayres #5640

Joe - I ordered it about 10 years ago.  It is the blue cotton model with the soft inside surface.  I have been very happy with it.  Paul

Mike Simmons (938)

Joe- Until some years ago, all covers were manufactured by the same outfit and retailed by others. Now, there probably are some foreign sources. In any case, I think  the mfg was CA Covers- In recent years they have started selling directly to customers. There is no need to send more than make, model, year and body style (and the numbers I guess). They have patterns for almost every American car made in the past 75 years. Measurements are unnecesssary, I believe.

Joe Bento #20081

That is what I thought too.

But I was wrong.

They do not have a pattern for a 1940 series 72.  Also important, is that they do not retain the pattern should someone send in the dimensions.  So even if I were to send in the dimensions to my series 72, if someone else needs one a year from now, they will need to repeat the process.

I told them how!..this was, and they agreed with me, but said "Thats just the way it is".


So, anyone have the required measurements for a series 72?  Mine is in the paint shop and has no front clip on it at the moment, so I couldnt measure mine now even if I wanted to.

Mike Simmons (938)

Joe- My error- Try Im ALMOST positive-this time-that they were the manufacturer. They have some 55,000 patterns on hand, according to their site - and unless they have been chucking little used ones, they will have one for a series 7223-I bought one for my 7539, and there were only 14 of them manufactured.. Of course, that was a long time ago, but....