1940 Caddy Carb Rebuild

Started by Dick Corson-23571, February 15, 2007, 05:58:42 PM

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Dick Corson-23571

I would like to know who to send my carb(Stromberg AAV-26) for rebuilding and refurbishing the outside. I want it to look like new as well as function like new. Thanks!

Jack Carroll

Try Daytona Parts Co.
    1191 Turnbull Bay Rd.
    New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
    http://www.daytonaparts.com TARGET=_blank>www.daytonaparts.com

Dick Corson 23571

 Jack--Thank you very much! Dick Corson

Ken Andersen # 21420

This is a site that I have found to be amoungst the best available for older carby kits and rebuild parts

http://www.thecarburetorshop.com TARGET=_blank>http://www.thecarburetorshop.com

Best Regards

Dick Corson 23571


Thanks, it looks like a good place for me. I loved the 64 GTO on their web site. Just like the one I bought new in 1964.

Regards, Dick