"No Reserve"

Started by Bryan Thompson, June 29, 2012, 03:09:53 PM

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Bryan Thompson

I would rather push an old Cadillac, than drive a new anything:-)

R Schroeder

I have seen this clown before. He likes to spray tar all over the bottoms of them, and silver paint on the rusty exhaust systems. A quick coat of paint on the engine bay, and you have a 100,000 dollar car .
Interiors are usually faded out too. He has quite a few of them for sale ,all the time.

Here is another gem


Gene Beaird

Indeed.  No reserve, but reserve not met.  Hmmm. 

Under the hood doesn't look too bad.  The valve covers and intake were sprayed with everything mostly on the engine.  The A/C has been converted, but looks okay.  I don't recognize the bolts with the fender washers.  Perhaps they are from somewhere under the front of the car.  I don't think those are for the battery hold down, but can't see that area. 

Looks like a nice 6000-8000 car if the mileage is correct and it runs as good as it looks.

Gene Beaird,
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