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Re: Yann, Please read

Started by Degalle Morris, July 21, 2006, 07:07:50 AM

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Degalle Morris


  I need want to talk to Bruce But I afraid to In person since we did not share same the ideas and we got in an disagreement over an post that was posted few days ago. Its about ethics or something like that.

  Maybe I will come out from hiding in East Germany and try to talk with him. I dont yet If we can even fix it.

 I felt I was insulted by him is the intire reason I behind this. He thinks I am no good or whatever. I dont Know what Bruce thinks. I took it personal and got all upset over it. Its hurts me thinking peaple see me like that but I not like that type person they think I am.

 I think I doing the correct thing but he  and others dont think so . I asked those guys the correct way on how to do things I wanted to do. They never told me and just all got upset and in an outrage over it. It upset the intire forum and they all took the wrong way. It made me look like worst person in the world. I never wanted that for sure. Peaple think I am bad person these days because of it.

 Your Correct Bruce Is one Best mechanics I ever heard about making stuff work or making parts. His Ideas work. Since I tryed his Ideas before on trying fix stuff.