Thank you Lars Kneller

Started by Matt427, June 10, 2007, 12:51:48 AM

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I just read your feature found in the June 2007 Executive Vice-President's Message. You have me looking forward to what will be my first GN if, as they say in the south, the good Lord's willin', and the creek don't rise! 

Seriously though, I recently submitted my application for membership to the CLC, and as soon as that is completed I plan to join the Peach State CLC in preparation to drive my '68 Coupe deVille to Savannah. I am really looking forward to seeing so many Cadillacs and LaSalles in one place, not to mention meeting so many great folks. Savannah is a beautiful city, and it holds many memories for my wife and I. She worked there when we first met, and we spent many, many weekends down on River Street. :) 

Lars Kneller 8246

Matt, I'm so glad you joined and you're coming to Savannah.  It'll be the first trip there for my family.  Please look me up during the meet.

Jack McClow CLC #15840

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your interest in our Savannah Grand National.  Have you made your hotel reservations yet?  The host hotel is sold out, but there are still up to ten rooms left per night at the alternate hotel, The Mulberry Inn, which is not more than one block from the host hotel ........ very convenient as an alternative hotel.  The Mulberry is not as large as the Riverfront Marriott Hotel, but has a tremendous amount of charm, and the service is outstanding.  The Mulberry will honor our event rate of $125, plus taxes, and include parking for one car at no charge ........ this is a significant discount from the regular rate.  Their toll free number is:  877-468-1200 ...... their website is: .  Also, all events are still available as of today, June 12th, although the Low Country Boil on Friday evening is nearing it's limit of 225 persons.  By the way, this event, located alongside the historic lighthouse on the coast of Tybee Island, will offer the best views of the Grand National outside of all the classic Cadillacs and LaSalles.  For those who wish to arrive early, the Shrine Club will open the doors and the cash bar at 5PM for anyone who would like to relax beachside and take in the ocean breezes and the spectacular views of the ships heading toward the opening of the Savannah River.

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming Grand National ....... I will look forward to seeing you there.

Jack McClow
Registrar for the Peach State Region